Car created by Romanian students ranks number one on Autodesk


A group of students from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University from Iasi has created a car model that is currently running in a competition on Autodesk.

So far the car model is one of the most appreciated in the competition and is ranked number one from the 2,200 models that are in the competition. Students were coordinated by Alexandru Palii from the Cars construction and Industrial Management University. The students participated with five car models in the competition. The cars are evaluated according to people that vote on their site and then a comssion evaluates the way the cars are built and how they were built. If the cars are complex they are given high points.

The cars were made within a specialized course at the Car construction faculty in Iasi. The course focused on creating a software called Fusion 360 which is supposed to be more user-friendly than Autodesk and AutoCAD. The cars were built by teams formed by three students over two days.


Over 900 students from countries like USA, United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt, and India are participating in the competition. You can check the competition here.







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