Helga Demeny,the first Romanian woman to swim for 24 hours


At the young age of 24,  Demeny Helga is the first woman from Romania to swim for 24 hours. Demeny Helga has managed this performance at a competition that celebrated swimming in Kecskemet, Hungary.

The young woman has swum 52 kilometres, which is around 1,000 pool rounds. Miss Demeny has been passionate about this sport since she was four years old. Now she is part of the national swimming team and she works as a swimming instructor.


Helga was the only woman in the individual category. According to Agerpres, she stated

This has been my motivation as well to participate in the competition in Hungary, to popularize this sport, I wanted to be an example for those that want to practice swimming, to encourage them to swim at any age. I started the competition on Saturday, at 11.00 and I finished on Sunday at 11.00 after 24 hours, a period of time when I was allowed to have a break of 15 minutes for every 3 hours. Overall, I swam 52 kilometres, which means more than 1,000 rounds of Olympic pool with a length of 50 metres.


Helga told Agerpres that it was a difficult competition and that after 18 hours she thought she will not manage to reach the finals. Daily she normally spends 6 hours in the water, however 24 hours was a real challenge for her.




source: agerpres







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