Romanian movie receives Silver Bear award


Dana Bunescu has received Saturday the Silver Bear award at the Berlin movie festival. The award was given for Outstanding Artistic Contribution for the movie ” Ana, mon amour” which was directed by Calin Peter Netzer.

The movie is focused on a love story and looks at delicate moments in the life of a couple. The characters of the movie, Toma and Ana meet at university and they start a love affair, however, everyone seems to be against them. Ana has panic attacks and Toma acts as her protector. In the end, however, he does not seem to understand her, although he tries to save her.

The movie script was inspired by the novel ” Luminita, mon amour” written by Cezar paul Badescu. The script was written by Calin Peter Netzer, Cezar Paul Badescu and Iulia Lumanare.







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