Vladesti ceramics receives European recognition

Vladesti ceramics has received European recognition. The Vladesti commune, which is located in Valcea county has been recognized for its beautiful white ceramic vases. This is the second place in Romania to be recognized, after Horezu which is appreciated for its pottery.

The commune is part of the program called The Cultural Route of Ceramics, which is sustained by the European Commission. One of the artists who is involved in the programme is Eugen Patru, which is an electrician. He discovered his passion for pottery thirty years ago when he learned it from his father in law. He then gave up his job and together with his wife dedicated his life entirely to ceramics. He said that his wife encouraged him to take on this hobby which became a career.

The family wants to teach their children as well this tradition. They have an open workshop at the Cultural Home where people can learn to do pottery.

Now the commune is part of the European Cultural Route of Ceramics and this will certainly bring many opportunities for the commune to develop thanks to tourists.


At the moment there are seven towns and communes that are recognized for their pottery at European level: Corund, Marginea, Radauti, Satu Mare, Miercurea Ciuc and Horezu.


source: digi24.ro






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