Young woman revives Romania’s traditional celebration of love


Patricia Marina Toma is reviving the Dragobete tradition ( the day Romanians celebrate love) through a series of traditional events.

The young woman is also hoping to put her village on the map by promoting its agro-touristic potential. She is also promoting the local gastronomy and handicraft and has convinced women and girls to get involved in the project.


The young Babes university graduate is organizing a series of events in the village of Marin in Salaj county. She has also set up a Facebook page called Fii Marinului ( Sons of Marin) where she posts photos of the surroundings and traditions.  The young woman has also organized a carols concert at the local church and then a concert with 40 people at the local cultural centre.


She is also reminding people to not forget about their traditions and now local people have started going to church wearing traditional clothes. Her love of traditions comes from her grandmother who was encouraging her and her cousin Maria to wear traditional clothes on special celebrations. Marina Toma is happy that her origins come from a family of peasants and she does not like how peasants have been mocked lately, as people should be proud of their origins.


Marina has also transformed her grandparents’old home into a traditional house, renovating the furniture, repairing the floor and bringing traditional clothes and furnishings.



sources: Fii Marinului Facebook page





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