Missing child from Suceava saved by a dog


A five-year-old child’s life was saved by a dog who kept him warm all night. The case happened in Suceava where the child went missing all night and was found the second day with a dog in his arms.

The child was taken to a hospital and he is now safe and unharmed.


According to Antena 1 TV channel, Florin, a five-year-old boy lives with his grandmother in Zaharesti, Stroiesti commune. The child went outside to play with the dog on the field and went missing.

Neighbours and relatives went to look for him but they could not find him anywhere. They called the police and 120 police officers with dogs went to look for the boy. The police officers also used  Thermo vision gadgets, however, they could not see the boy anywhere.


The boy was found in the morning by a shepherd The man was alerted when he heard his dogs’ loud barking. Apparently, the child was 10 kilometres away from his home.  The shepherd called the police and the ambulance.

The doctors said that the child was wet and his body temperature fell to 34 degrees Celsius.  It was assumed that the boy slept on the field and he was saved by the fact that he was hugging the dog all night long. The temperatures fell to zero degrees celsius that night.

source: observator.tv







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