Romanian-Austrian couple wins European Championships of Magic


A Romanian-Austrian couple has won the gold medal at the European championships of Magic. The championship took place in February in Blackpool, Great Britain.

Anca and Lucca Lucian, a Romanian-Austrian couple won the medal in the mental magic category. This is the first time this gold medal was awarded in this category.

Anca and Lucca impressed the international judges and the public with their magic show entitled The Mind-Reading Revolution. They have managed to get a score of 80 points. 3,000 magicians from all over the world have competed in this year’s championship.

The couple has previously won the silver medal at the World Championships in Mental magic that took place in Rimini, Italy, 2015.

Anca Lucian is Romanian and was born in Cluj-Napoca and went to study in Vienna with a scholarship where she met Austrian Lucca, a professional illusionist. A few years later Anca gave up her corporate career to become a professional magician.


source: romania insider







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