Naval ship made in Galati wins Offshore Support Ship 2017 Award


A ship made in Galati has won the Offshore Support Ship 2017 Award. The prize is considered the Oscar of the naval industry and it was given to Maersk Connector ship, which is an Offshore Carrier DOC 8500 built a the Damen naval construction site in Galati. The ship was launched in 2016.

The award was given at the Offshore Support Journal Annual Awards in London.The vessel is the result of a partnership between Damen Shipyards Group and two other companies, Maersk and Deep Ocean.


This is the second time this ship was built in Galati. Previously another twin ship, Maersk Connector DP1 was launched in 2015.  The second ship is classified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, has 9.300 tdw, it is 138,35 metre long and 27,45 metre wide. 90 people are able to board it, including members of the crew and specialists in installing submerged cables.

The ship will be used for a long term and it already has three contracts for transporting electric energy through submerged cables. According to the general director of Damen Galati, the ship is equipped with three bow propulsors that ensure a better control of the ship.  Thanks to the mechanisms, the ship is able to rotate 360 degrees in the same location.


source: adevarul







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