Romanian sabre team wins World Cup!

photo by Augusto Bizzi

The Romanian sabre team has won the World Championships. In the finals, which were held in Warsaw, Romanians managed to beat the Italian team with a score of 45-44.

The team has reached the finals after beating France with 45-40, then the Russian team with the same result and then in the semifinals they managed to beat the Hungarian team with 45-44.

The team was formed by Tiberiu Dolniceanu from CS Dinamo, Iulian Teodosiu, CS Dinamo, Alin Badea, CSA Steaua and Madalin Bucur, CS Dinamo. The team was coached by Florin Zalomir.

Although they won the world championships as a team, individually the sportsmen did not do very well, Iulian Teodosiu managed to get to the 2oth place, Tiberiu Dolniceanu on the 34th place and Alin Badea on the 55th place.



source: greatnews






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