Romanian wins Oscar for visual effects


Ioan Boieriu is part of the team that has won an Oscar for visual effects on Sunday night.  Boeriu is the technical director for visual effects for the movie The Jungle Book.

Ioan Boieriu is 37 years old and is from Brasov. After he graduated from the IT university in Brasov he worked in computer animation in a company in Brasov. Afterwards, he moved to Germany and then New Zeeland, where he worked at companies that produce 3d animations, such as Weta Digital which is owned by Peter Jackson, who created Lord of the Rings.


Boieriu has participated in creating visual effects for the Hobbit, Star Trek-Into the Darkness, After Earth, White House Down, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, The Hunger Games and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.








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  1. simonjkyte Avatar

    They may change that though….


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