Children surround the Alba Iulia citadel with the longest martisor ever made


On March 1st, on Martisor day, the largest martisor in Romania surrounded Alba Iulia citadel.

The largest martisor in Romania measured 3 kilometres and was carried by 300 volunteer children. Each child received 10 metres of white and red ribbon which they had to braid to form a martisor.

Rares Buglea, the organizer stated that over 100 children from children centres, such as Saint Maria centre in Alba Iulia, Saint Stefan the Great from Alba Iulia, Rebeca house from Teius and the Family House from Blaj, have participated along with their school mates from Alba Iulia. Children were also able to enjoy a festive dinner and they have also enjoyed a theatre play. The event is meant to bring people together and show their love for the citadel.

Tourists who visited the citadel were amazed at the length of the martisor. The citadel is 110 ha wide and it is the largest citadel from southeast of Europe. It was built 300 years ago.



source- pro tv






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