Why more and more French people move to Romania


There are many reports that state that many French people come to study and live in Romania and that there is a quite large community in Romania. In fact, positivenewsromania.com has interviewed one French expat who lives in Cluj county. Sources report that the highest number of foreign people living in Cluj in 2013 were French. Their number was even higher than those from Moldova republic. In 2013 in Cluj there were 5759 non-European and European citizens. Altogether they came from 111 different countries. 667 came from France, 628 from Moldova, 560 Italy, 445 from Germany and 437 from Tunisia.

But why do French people choose to live in Romania? Well, first of all, it is because of the…

High-quality education

According to Ziarul de Cluj,  French people choose to live in Cluj because they want to study at the Iuliu Hatieganu Medicine and Pharmacy  University. Gazeta de Cluj noted that in 2016 there were around 1,100 French students, more than in Moscow. There are also students from other countries and they come here because the universities offer studies in Romanian, Hungarian, German, English and French.

In Iasi, it is the very same attraction of the Medicine University. In 2016 in Iasi there were  600 students attending the Medicine university. According to rfi, this fact is a recent phenomenon.

Perfect for retirement

Reportedly, many French pensioners chose Romania as the place to enjoy their golden years. According to an article from 2016, French choose around five Romanian cities as their home and the main attraction is cheap prices and high quality of life. Apparently, pensions in France are not very high when compared to the standards of living. However, for some French people, it’s not about the money. It is the fact that they made friends here and they decided to move to be close to them, even if they chose to live villages. They are happy in the countryside because they have found a quality of life they lost in France.

This means they can enjoy having a garden, beautiful landscapes and are able to enjoy delicious tasty tomatoes.


Pascal Fesneau, the French consul in Cluj noted that Cluj is expanding and it is a very dynamic city and has the second largest community of French expats after Bucharest. He noted that there are around 1,200 French individuals, including students and pensioners.


There are also large communities of French pensioners in Timisoara. The consul says that they usually decide to move after hearing from their friends about Romania.

There are French people who even moved here from Nice!

They fall in love after visiting Romania

There are also very large communities in Constanta. Around 2,000 tourists visit Constanta during the summer. They come for the seaside and the special treatments at the spa. There are also mixed couples- Romanian and French that want to move there because in the summer it’s beautiful, the sea is close and they can live comfortably from their pensions.


For work


In Brasov, on the other hand, people come for work. There is a large community of French expatriates who work for several French companies in the area. Brasov also attracts a large area of tourists, however, there are no official numbers or statistics to clearly indicate how many they come each year.



source- ziardecluj.ro






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