Ioana Cozmuta, the story of a Romanian who works at NASA


Ioana Cozmuta from Baia Mare is currently studying different ways in which people can colonize the moon and how people can adapt their life and work in space. She has been working at the American Space Agency for 15 years.

Ioana Cozmuta has graduated from Babes university in Cluj-Napoca.

Ioana Cozmuta has done her Ph.D. in Netherlands and has also studied with a scholarship in the US. She wanted to become a journalist like her father, however, she chose a different career and she ended up at the NASA centre in Silicon Valley.Now she is studying what would happen if the data centers would be moved in the Earth orbit by using the low temperatures in space and space solar energy. She is also studying the influence of lack of gravity in space on the human body.

She noted that when people go to space the process of getting older accelerates and the immunity decreases. There is also a pressure on the cardiovascular system. The astronauts who go to space go through a cycle of aging, however, when they come back to Earth, they recover.

Ioana Cozmuta wishes that the factories that produce pollution to be moved outside the planet, which means humans would have to create orbital factories. She estimates this could become reality in 50 years.







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