Vlad Tanase, the man who ran the North Pole marathon for 7 days at -30 degrees


A young man from Slatina has chosen to compete in the toughest marathon in the world, the North Pole marathon.

Vlad Tanase is one of the 20 people in the world that have managed to finish this marathon in the last eight years. The man, who works as an economist, has chosen to run in order to raise money for Romania’s afforestation.

This is not the first time Vlad Tanase participates in a marathon. He has previously participated in the Balaton marathon, which consists of 220 kilometres. However, the North Pole is even a harder one. It takes places over 7 days and 10 hours and it is 566 kilometres long.

The North pole marathon is hard from a physical and psychological point of view. According to digi24.ro, Vlad Tanase stated that some days the temperature went down to -30 degrees Celsius and he had to sleep outside on nights with -40 degrees and a wind measuring 80 kilometres per hour.

Additionally to the low temperatures, runners had to run in areas where there was nothing but snow and this has had a psychological effect as for hours runners could not see anything that would tell them where they are.



Therefore, there is a reason why only 20 runners have managed to finish this marathon in eight years. The organisers said that last year six British soldiers from the Marine have competed but only one managed to finish.

Luckily, Vlad Tanase has managed to finish the competition, however, he was injured and he also had hallucinations during the marathon.



In the future, he wants to participate in different competitions such as swimming in cold water for a distance of seven kilometres and biking for 369 kilometres.

source: digi24







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