Romanians in Belgium: Marian Sava, a world renowned sculptor


There are many Romanian artists that have become succesful abroad. One of them is Marian Sava, a sculptor who lives in Belgium.

Marian Sava used to work as a sailor, however he has always had the dream of becoming a sculptor. At age 35 he ran from communist Romania to Belgium. Since then, he has lived in Bruxelles in the old part of the city. At age 40 he started to attend the University for Beautiful Arts in Bruxelles where he studied sculpture. All this time he had to work as a receptionist.

Now he has become a world renowed artist and he has had exhibits in Belgium, France Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Liban.

Although now he lives in Belgium he has not forgotten about his roots. He is often inspired by Romanian poems or Romanian history. For example on of his sculptures is inspired from Mihai Eminescu poems and represents a couple in love who emerge from water.


Another sculpture, has the shape of a panpipe and represents Romanian folklore.


Another scupture is inspired by Nadia Comaneci. She has visited him and was honoured by his creation.

source: digitv






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