Why is Dacia so successful in France?


French newspaper Le Monde has examined the reasons why the Dacia is so successful in France. It seems that there are plenty of qualities that make the Dacia attractive to the average French: price, design, and reliability.

The most known models in France are Logan, Duster and Sandero. According to the report, last year, although Dacia did not renew any of their models, it still beat all record sales from France. Last year alone, it sold over 100,000 models. Currently, Dacia Sandero is number one in sales. Moreover, in 2017 Le Monde predicted that Dacia will have an even more successful year, as it decided to renew the Duster.
So why people choose Dacia? It is not only because it is the cheapest car on the market because customers tend to choose many options for their cars. The basic version, which does not have a radio and the windows are controlled manually, sells very rare. Luckily, the design is also aesthetically pleasing. Le Monde states that the cars do not have a certain charm but they are robust.

The engines are also not very performant, however, the car is very comfortable for long journeys. The success of Dacia is due to the fact that they know their customers and they offer a perfect price for their cars.

Apparently now the car is so successful it developed a cult. every summer Dacia owners get together and organize huge picnics in Paris, Nantes and Lyon and wear t-shirts that say ” I love Dacia”. Last year over 11,000 people participated in such an event.










4 responses to “Why is Dacia so successful in France?”

  1. simonjkyte Avatar

    To be fair they are used to some ‘not so great’ cars – do you remember the 2CV?


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      probably. as it says in the article, they don’t have a great engine, but they are good enough for a long journey.

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      1. simonjkyte Avatar

        yeah i have been driven in one. sometimes it is strange how these things works – POLSKIfiat for example

        Liked by 1 person

  2. alberttrotter Avatar

    its most comfortable and reasonable in France..i always enjoyed long journeys in it


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