New cycling route takes you through beautiful unexplored areas of Transylvania


If you love biking in nature, you will love biking through Transylvania. A new route was established that goes from Viscri to Sighisoara and it is 100 kilometres long.


photo by Traian Olinici


This route goes through eight villages ( Viscri-Bunesti-Crit-Mesendrof-Cloasterf-Saschiz-Archita-Daia) and it was made with the purpose of promoting natural landscapes, culture and history. It goes through places that are unique in Europe.



On your biking route, you can see hills with flowers, you will go through forests, old villages, you will see 100-year-old fortified churches.



If you don’t own a bike, there is a rental bike point, and if your bike breaks there are established points for bike service and transport.

Already in the last two years around 3,000 tourists biked on this route.

Apart from enjoying the landscapes, you can participate in a bike trail competition. For three years this area has hosted Transylvania Bike Trails Race. Last year 520 people participated in this competition.


Apart from that, new projects were created such as bike and brunch activities that attract a lot of tourists. Fortunately, the area has a good infrastructure for biking. The organizers have created brochures, maps and an app for smartphones to help cyclists.


source: agerpres

Fundatia Adept Transylvania

Smartphone app for the bike






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