Polish people set up a fan club​ to show their love for Romania


A group of Polish people from Krakow have formed a club that is centred around their love for Romania. They have no connection to Romania or Romanians outside the fact that they just love the country.

They have learnt the language, they go on holiday there and they promote it in their country. Now they have opened a bar in the centre of Krakow where they sell Romanian drinks and they pay in Romanian money.


The club has also attracted the Romanian community. The Kornet club, which translates as in ” Have a nice trip” has the Romanian flag. They chose this particular name as they have noticed that all cities and towns in Romania have this sign at the exit.

The club is owned by dentist Mihai Sowa and researcher Monica Stefanczyk. The bar is decorated with a Dacia car theme in mind and most members of the club have a passion for this car.

The club in fact. is open to people who love Dacia and Romania. Dacia owners wanted a place to meet and this is how the club was created.

The club also organises cultural activities, book launches and concerts of Romanian artists.


Mihai Sowa noted that he used to go when he was a child to Romania with his family. As an adult, he also visited the country many times with his brother. They travelled by a Dacia car. An old 1300 Dacia. He felt great during his trip as people were very friendly and so he encouraged his friends to visit Romania. They all bought Dacia cars. Then, they started to take Romanian classes so they can make more friends in Romania.


Many times when they visit Romania they like to go to Satu Mare as there is a very important Dacia club in the area. The oldest member of the club is 90-year-old Aleksander Semlak. He also spent 6 years in Romania when he was a war refugee.Although the circumstances were not the best, he remembers Romania in a positive way. He says that everyone was friendly and he only has good memories of the time he spent there.





source: agerpres










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