Adrian Ghenie’s painting sells for 3,252,500 pounds at Sotheby’s auction


One of the most successful painters in Romania, Adrian Ghenie has sold another painting just yesterday.

The painting called Self Portrait as Charles Darwin was estimated between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 pounds and it sold for 3,252,500 pounds.

The painter had another creation, called Memories, which was estimated at 350,000-500,000, however it did not sell.

Sotheby’s said about the painting

Created in 2011, this is the very first instance of Charles Darwin’s appearance in Ghenie’s work: a thematic focus that has fueled the artist’s acclaimed scrutiny of identity as subject to the darker vicissitudes of twentieth-century history. It is thus the first in an important and substantial series of self-portraits executed in the guise of the father of modern biological science.

Sotheby’s had other several famous creations on auction, such as Jean Michel Basquiat’s Untitled, which was estimated at 14 million-18 million pounds and Andy Warhol’s San Francisco Silverspot estimated at 1.4 million-1.8 million pounds

Last week, Adrian Ghenie sold another painting called Enigma with 80,000 euros at an auction in Bucharest.









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