Italian media praises Romanian binman who returned wallet with 600 euro in it


A 42-year-old Romanian has returned a wallet with 600 euros in it. Daniel Nelu Foca, who works as a binman in Padova has found the wallet and immediately returned it to the police.

Foca has found the walled in riviera Tiso in Camposampiero in Padova, while he was working on emptying the bins.

He said

I opened it to see if I can find the phone number of the owner. I found a card, I called the number but it did not answer so I went to the police.

Daniel, who has been working at the company for 15 years, said that this is not the first time he found money but he never thought of keeping them because he thinks of people first.

The man was interviewed by Italian newspaper Il Gazzetino from Padova. Daniel’s reaction was of surprise. He could not understand why he was interviewed as he just found a sum of money and he did not save someone from drowning. He said that he would have lost his dignity if he kept the money. His dignity is worth more than 600 euros. The man also refused the reward for finding the wallet.









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