Over 100 volunteers helped feed 500 rescued bats


100 volunteers have helped feed over 500 bats that were rescued from under debris in a neighbourhood. Without their care, the bats would have died.

The bats were cared for in a special centre in Bucharest for a few days by researchers and volunteers.


One volunteer saidȘ

It is very interesting for me because I never handled bats and they are so cute. I was curious so I came today also.

The bats were also weighed before and after eating. Bats normally eat insects up to 40% their weight. One volunteer said he fed 32 worms to one bat. During the winter bats hibernate and two researchers at the centre offered them shelter for the winter.The researchers said that when the weather becomes warmer they will free the bats.


According to the report, people are usually scared of bats and they do not know that they are actually very useful. In Romania for example, bats eat a lot of insects and this has a positive impact on agriculture. They are also protected by law.


source- digi24






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