Romania wins three gold medals and two silver medals at the International Olympiad of Mathematics


The Polytechnic University team have won the first place at the International Olympiad of Mathematics for students, 2017. The olympiad took place between March 1st-3rd in Macedonia.

The team has won three gold medals and two silver medals and has managed to beat teams from 20 universities from South-East of Europe.


The students who were awarded gold medals are: Emanual Necula and Sebastian Cojocaru from the Computers and Automatics faculty, Alexandru Bratei from the Applied chemistry faculty. The silver medals were secured by Amir Zamfiratos and Iustin Sirbu from the Computers faculty.

The students were trained by professor Ioana Luca and her assistant Alexandru Negrescu. They both work in the department of Methods and Mathematics models at the Applied Sciences faculty.


source- agerpres







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