Romanian aviator pioneer Traian Vuia honoured at the European Parliament


The European Union has paid tribute to Romanian inventor and aviator pioneer Traian Vuia.

Several events were set up with the purpose of remembering his legacy that has helped develop the flight industry. European members of the parliament participated in debates and exhibits. An exhibit was set up in the Arthis Romanian -Belgian house in Bruxelles. The Romanian and Belgian embassy and NATO representatives participated in the exhibit. The organizer of the event, Romanian European MP Maria Grapini said that she wanted to make people aware of the fact that Romania has values. History specialists and aviation specialists also participated in discussions about Traian Vuia accomplishments.

Traian Vuia was born in 1872 in a small village called Surducul Mic, which is now called Traian Vuia. In March 1906 he was flying for the first time with a machine built by himself in an area close to Paris. He then has managed to fly 12 metres after accelerating for 50 metres. This is considered the first self-propelled flight with a machine heavier than the air.


Unfortunately, his accomplishments were ignored by the French aeroclub and also the Romanian academy. According to Dumitru Prunariu, the first Romanian who flew in space, the problem with Traian Vuia is that he was not wealthy compared to the Wright brothers and to Santos-Dumont. They have managed to put their accomplishments in the media and they managed to promote their inventions. Although, compared to Traian Vuia, the Wright brothers managed to fly thanks to a catapult.

Traian Vuia was also not accredited by the French aeroclub because they were not present to record his flight.  According to Adevarul newspaper history attributes accomplishments to people that were more visible in the media during that time. The press did mention Vuia’s flight and this has been the proof through which his accomplishments were recognized on an international level.


source: adevarul









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