New in Transylvania: the only dialysis treatment section for animals has just opened


A section of the veterinary hospital in Cluj-Napoca has opened a dialysis treatment section for animals that suffer from a renal impairment.

Doctor veterinarian Razvan Codea said for Mediafax that this section will undertake intensive therapy and it will be able to save lives. This is the only section in Transylvania where this is done. Doctors were able to learn how to perform dialysis for animals by learning from the children’s hospital. Because children have the same weight as most pets, 12-14 kilograms, this helped them learn how to use the catheter.


A dialysis session costs 450 lei ( around 100 euros). One of the first patients at the hospital was a beagle, who was a national agility champion. The dog was transported from Oradea where the vets said they could not do anything to heal it.
The owner of the dog said that he came to Cluj hoping that he could save the dog and prolong his life. After the initial treatment, the doctors said her health improved and the renal function was within normal limits.





source: mediafax






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