Romanian students to participate in European Space Agency competition


Students at the Research center at a college in Constanta have built a robot and a small functional satellite.

The students will participate with these inventions at an international competition in the US. They will compete in the First Tech Challenge with other 53 teams from 33 cities.

The first stage of the competition takes place between March 24-26 in Bucharest. In the summer another competition that involves guided rovers similar to the ones on Mars will take place.

Student Bararu said that there is a theme in the competition. For example, they have to build a robot that is capable of throwing a ball, to establish the trajectory of the ball. The creators have to programm the robot and solve several engineering and technological issues. They also have to consider using the best construction materials.

Tina Sandu, another member of the team said that the team is formed of 16 students and they have been working on the project for several months. The robot should be able to throw balls, catch balls, detect light signals and interpret them.

The students have also created a satelite for a competition called CanSat which asks competitors to build a small satelite that should fit in a juice can. The satelite has to be functional and to have emission and reception sensors.

Razvan Ursu, one of the students who created the satellite said that they needed to install components that are controlled by a microcontroller which would fall at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Once it falls, the sensors collect data on the temperature, air pressure, humidity, terrestrial magnetic induction and it also records videos. The satellite can be used in the discovery of iron deposits.

The satellite will be launched with the help of a balloon or a drone at an altitude of one kilometer.

The CanSat competition is organized by the European Space Agency.

source: mediafax



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