New species of plant discovered in Dobrogea


A new plant species was discovered in Dobrogea. The plant was discovered by biologist Matis Attila and it was named Ferula mikraskythiana.

It is a species that has a limited population- only 172 plants and it is located in the Dumbraveni forest.

Matis Attila has previously found another new species called Orobache pubescens and has also rediscovered a plant in Rodnei mountains called Saussurea porcii. It was believed that this plant has disappeared 100 years ago.

The newly found plant, Ferula mikraskythiana was hard to identify at first. The biologists had to examine it for three years in order to confirm that it is a newly found species.

The biologists have collected leafs and have examined the flora of nearby countries as well but they did not find anything similar. A genetic investigation was also undertaken to identify the genus the species belongs to. The plant belongs to the Ferula genus.











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