Tibi Useriu wins the toughest ultramarathon in the world


Tibi Useriu has won the toughest ultramarathon in the world. Although he had health problems in the last stage of the marathon he managed to finish the competition. This time the Romanian sportsman has managed to beat last year’s record with 15 hours.

Useriu has walked the last 50 kilometres with wounds, although doctors advised him to quit.

The North Pole marathon is 566 kilometres long and it must be done in 180 hours.


Tiberiu Useriu has finished the marathon in 159 hours and 5 minutes. According to Adevarul newspaper, the organizers of the event wanted to transmit a live video on Facebook with the arrival of Tibi Useriu, however because it was -36 degrees celsius the live feed kept interrupting.

This year the temperature was lower with 10-15 degrees Celcius compared to last year and many competitors have given up the competition.

Tibi Useriu plans for another three extreme competitions this year, one at the North Pole, the Tor de Geants and a competition in the desert.
source: adevarul







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