Dinu Lipatti: 100 years since the birth of celebrated composer


Dinu Lipatti was a famous Romanian pianist and composer. He was also recognized internationally and played on many famous stages.

Lipatti has shown signs of genius since he was born. At age three he interpreted Mozart at his very own baptism. His godfather was famous Romanian composer George Enescu. He gave his first concert at the age of four. At age 11 he was already studying at the Conservatory.  He was also taught by the greatest classical teachers of that time Alfred Cortot, Charles Munch, composer Paul Dukas and Nadia Boulanger. When World War II broke out he moved to Switzerland where he worked as a professor of piano at the conservatory.


Lipatti particularly loved Beethoven,  but he did not feel worthy of playing Beethoven. He has studied him for four years before he played it. Lipatti has also recorded with EMI’s Columbia label and his recordings were published in a catalogue.New York Times stated about him:

Mr. Lipatti’s pianism combined a rare delicacy and grace with a rock-hard structural muscle, passion with a certain Olympian detachment. His repertory was limited – he was best known as a performer of Bach, Mozart and Chopin – but this was attributable to his uncompromisingly self-critical nature rather than any pianistic shortcomings. Until late in his life, Mr. Lipatti had never publicly performed the music of Beethoven: he claimed that he did not yet feel equal to the challenge. But what he chose to play, he played splendidly; although he was not a bravura pianist, and he shunned gratuitous showmanship, his technique was impeccable.

Dinu Lipatti composed music in a neoclassical style with Romanian and French influences. His works include Les Tziganes, symphonic suite (1934), Concertino in Classical Style, Op. 3 for piano and chamber orchestra (1936), Symphonie concertante for two pianos and orchestra (1938), Piano Sonatina for the left hand (1941),Danses roumaines for two pianos (1943) and for orchestra (1945),Concerto for organ and piano, Aubade for woodwind quartet (ob, cl, bn, hn),Woodwind quintet – Quintet a vent a Monsieur Roger Cortet (unfinished / first part), Improvisation for Piano Trio, Sonatina for violin and piano,Piano Sonata in D minor, Fantasie for piano, Op. 8, Nocturne for piano, 4 songs for voice and piano
6 Sonatas of Scarlatti (transcription for woodwind quintet).

Dinu Lipatti will be celebrated these days around Bucharest through several recitals, conferences, movie projections and book launches.  A special concert will be organized on March 23 at the Cotroceni national museum.

source- New York Times






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