Online platform created to connect you with Romanian local farmers

Starting today you will be able to order online organic fruits, vegetables and traditional products directly from the producers.

You will not have to travel to the countryside to look around for healthy products, because now you can order it directly from

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.26.29

The people behind the website have been trying for a while to help local farmers to sell their products. It is very well known in Romania that vegetables and fruits and dairy produced in the countryside have a higher quality, they are organic and they have taste compared to imported products that you can find in supermarkets.

Mihai Mihu, the organizer behind the Association We Grow Romania Together ( Crestem Romania Impreuna) said that the delivery will be made by email in agreement with the customer.

The people that created the platform said that they are trying to help local farmers that are not aware how to use computers. Each producer will have a QR code and customers will be able to identify them with the smartphone.

So what can you can order from the website? You can order meat, home made jams from local produce, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, natural juices, traditional potery, paintings, home made jewelery and traditional clothes.


Honey from a local farmer in Copacel village


Mihai Mihu said that he wants to preserve traditions and to allow the older generations to transmit traditional crafts to the younger generations. As well, he is hoping to create an infrastructure between the real authentic producer and the urban market.

The platfom already has many local farmers from Brasov, particularly the villages of Comana, Parau, Sercaia, Harseni, Sinca Noua, Holbav and Mandra. Currently the website is posting products from 120 farmers. There are also farmers from Mehedinti, Suceava, Constanta and Maramures.


Through this website farmers will also receive the right price for their products, compared to what they get when they sell to companies or supermarkets.





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