Young Romanian praised by Italian media for inventing a life-saving helmet


A young student, Emanuel Chirila has invented a special helmet that protects the head of bikers and also notifies family and authorities when an accident takes place. The notification is made through SMS.

The message sends the location of the person and information about the collision. Moreover, the helmet, which was called ” Blue Helmet” also has a special sensor that detects when the driver is tired and it also detects heart beatings and the intensity of the impact.

Chirila has come up with the idea while driving his scooter. He though what would happen if he had an accident, who would call for help?

Emanuel Chirila, the young man behind the invention currently lives in Italy with his family. He is only 19 years old and he currently studies  IT and telecommunications at the Galileo Ferraris institute.

Emanuel came to Italy with his family when he was only 9 years old. He has two brothers and two sisters and they currently live in San Giovanni Valdarno.

He explained that in order to invent the helmet he has studied programs such as Visual Basic and he has also learned how to use microcontrollers. He then started to use the open-source platform called Arduino Uno through which he was able to combine his programming skills with electronic knowledge.


According to  Chirila has also attached a breathalyzing machine to the helmet. This will let the driver know if he drank too much alcohol and he also attached sensors that warn the driver if he looks away from the road.


Chirila has created the helmet by using products he bought from Ebay. He has been already praised by many Italian newspapers, such as Reppublica, La Nazione, Oggi, Valdarno Post and Valdarno24.

Chirila has managed to patent his invention and now he is looking for sponsorship to begin the production of his invention.







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