Romanian professor receives platinum award at Japanese calligraphy competition


A Romanian university professor has won the platinum award for Japanese calligraphy at an international competition.

The competition has taken place within the International exhibit of Japanese calligraphy Connect the world at Hiroshima, Japan.

Rodica Frentiu, Romanian professor at the Asian Language and Literature department of the Babes university has received the Platinum award. Previously in 2016 she has received the gold award.


The exhibit was organized by Yasuda Women’s University in Hiroshima and its purpose is to develop Japanese calligraphy on an international level.

The teacher said that she has been studying Japanese calligraphy for years out of curiosity for the unusual graphic system.

Japanes caligraphy is practiced by few people outisde Japan because it is qoute difficult as the caligraphy schools are very demanding and they use special materials such as rice paper and special ink.









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