Italians open auto factory for Romanian worker as a thank-you for his excellent work


A Romanian who worked in Italy for a few years at a factory was surprised by his Italian collaborators who opened a factory for him in Romania.

Vasile Constantin, who worked in the metal processing industry for 20 years, used to work for Fortus Iasi, however he moved to Treviso, Italy for a few years.

There, he managed to raise profits for the Italian company. After a few years, he moved back to Romania where he was surprised by the Italians. His collaborators wanted to continue their work with him and they opened an auto spare parts factory in Iasi.

Vasile stated

My former collaborators in Italy saw that I wanted to move back to Romania and they said ok, we are also going to move a part of the production to Romania. I started with modest investments, just to see how things are going here, the legislation is quite complicated at the moment.


The new factory was opened in Letcani and now Vasile works together with Bogdan, who was a valedictorian of the Car construction university in Iasi.



source tvr






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