Romanian researchers invent tower that destroys asteroids

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A team of researchers has invented a spatial tower with a concentrated light that is able to melt or deviate asteroids and meteors that enter in collision with our planet.

The Romanian researchers have presented their invention at the ProInvent Inventions Saloon in Cluj-Napoca.

Horatiu Serbescu, one of the researchers said that they already have patented the invention and the next step is to find collaborators that would want to build this special tower because it is supposed to cost a few billions of euros.

Serbescu says that the tower has a concentrated light that captures the sun rays and through the reflexion process it creates parallels that come out through a beam guide towards a celestial body with the purpose of melting it or deviate it from its trajectory. According to the researchers, such a tower is more expensive than a satellite because it has to contain gold, photovoltaic panels, and ionic engines.

The tower also needs to be set up in space on the solar orbit.

The invention will also be presented at the Geneva Inventions Saloon.



source- mediafax






5 responses to “Romanian researchers invent tower that destroys asteroids”

  1. simonjkyte Avatar

    I am not so into this idea


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      seems futuristic, but then again, who knows in a few years if we might actually need this?


      1. simonjkyte Avatar

        the planet will get destroyed one way or another in the end


      2. romanian1982 Avatar

        well…carpe diem, then?


      3. simonjkyte Avatar

        Total waste of resources to try to stop that. We should concentrate on our own planet


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