Italian woman leaves inheritance to Romanian carer


An Italian woman has left a part of her inheritance to her Romanian carer. Saveta Dutcovici, from Iasi, has worked in Cremona, Italy for 10 years and all this time she has cared for only one person, an elderly Italian lady.

The lady has passed away this year and she left 20,000 euros to Saveta. The carer said that the Italian lady was like a mother to her. She has worked for 10 years for her with no break and she did her best to satisfy her needs. According to the carer has canceled her holiday to Romania many times because she was worried about leaving the Italian lady all by herself.

This story has become viral thanks to a post on Facebook written by Radu Nicolae, a Romanian living in Italy.

Radu Nicolae stated that there are many similar cases to this one. Moreover, it is important to highlight positive stories such as this one because many Romanian workers go through bad experiences.


Saveta said

It is true, I worked for 10 years for this old lady. For me she was like a second mother and I was treated like a daughter because she did not have any children. I thank God that I met her and I will be forever grateful to her and put her flowers at the cemetery and I will always pray for her.



source: gazetaromaneasca

photo by produnis






2 responses to “Italian woman leaves inheritance to Romanian carer”

  1. Alice Jones Avatar

    Wow, what an interesting story. I wonder how an Italian will differs from wills in the United States. Although Saveta wasn’t biologically a part of this Italian woman’s family, she still received assets? I need to look into consulting firms about how wills work, especially Italian ones.


  2. romanian1982 Avatar

    She must have changed her will. I am not sure how Italian wills work.


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