A father with six children receives brand new house thanks to Facebook campaign

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A family with six children moved into a new house thanks to people on Facebook. The help came after a man from Iasi told in a Facebook post how he was trying to raise his six children.

Mr. Rautu, who lives in the village of Brosteni, Iasi did not even have a fireplace to warm up for the winter.  He lived in an old house

The children were also abandoned by their mother and the father was earning only 35 lei per day ( 3-4 euros per day) working in agriculture.

Romanians across the country have started to donate construction materials and they also helped build the house. After two months the family has finally moved in. One person who was  touched by their story was Bogdan Tanasa who wanted to renovate their house and fix their fireplace but the house was badly damaged and almost crumbling. So, he decided to ask for help on Facebook.

He said

I want to thank all my friends who supported me in this crazy story. Many people did not give me a chance. As you can see, everything is new and ready. So we can do it.

The six children, with ages between 5 and 16 returned to a house with two bedrooms, one kitchen, and a bathroom.

On seeing the house, the father said

What I used to see in movies I have now in my own house!



One woman came from Baia Mare to paint their house. Irina Doce Condrat stated

I could not sit by an see these children live in these conditions. So I did not think about it much and I just asked them if I can paint their room.



source: digi







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