Romanian wines win four gold medals at VINVEST competition


Romanian wines have won several gold medals at the VINVEST International Wine Competition in Timisoara.

20 Romanian producers have signed for 129 categories and the winners were Crama Hermeziu with a Rose 2016 wine called Scrisori 4, Cramele Recas won with a Chardonnay Baroque 2016 Sole, Vincon Romania with a Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2011 Egregio and Fine Wine with a red wine 2014 Cuvee IX Lacerta. As well, another 36 wines have received gold and silver.



Petre Badea, the president of the competition said that there have been many good wines in the competition and that wines produced in Romania have become more diverse. This year there have been many rose wines in the competition and this is a sign that there is an increasing demand in the Romanian market.








source: agerpres






2 responses to “Romanian wines win four gold medals at VINVEST competition”

  1. simonjkyte Avatar

    Romanian wines deserve more recognition in teh UK


  2. romanian1982 Avatar

    I think there is probably a lack of good marketing and promotion. Many people are quite surprised when I tell them Romania has quality wines and they are up there with Spain and Italy when you think about wine making traditions and techniques.


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