Romanian boy wins second place at Bourre De Talent music competition in Canada


A Romanian family living in Canada has entered the music world and now they are earning awards.

The members of the Cotrigasanu family have started participating in many music festivals. For example, Emil Cotrigasanu qualified in the Bourre de talent competition within the Eastern Region Cadet Music Festival in Quebec. Emil has won the second place in the competition with the song  Dancing on my own.

At the same festival, Emil has participated with his sisters Teodora and Alexandra in different categories such as pop jazz, classic ensemble and choir singing.

Emil has also participated in the TV show La Voix Junior and in several shows that were organized in Montreal and Centre Videotron in Quebec. Emil now is a member of the Artists Union in Quebec.

Together with his sisters, Teodora and Alexandra he has also participated in another show, Secondaire en spectacle with the song entitled Deux par deux ressembles.










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