60 farmers help save the famous Nasal cheese


60 farmers got together to save the famous Nasal cheese, also known as the Romanian camembert. The Nasal cheese is considered one of Cluj brands and the brand almost disappeared last year when Friesland closed the cheese factory.

The farmers now have the chance to create themselves the cheese and they do not need to sell their milk to factories anymore.

The cheese is supposed to be unique in the world because it matures for 21 days with the help of a bacteria that can be found only in the Taga grotto.  The farmers have currently only rented the factory and they are learning how to produce and how to market their products. They are also doing the delivery and they take the most important decisions. In a few years, if the business goes well they are considering buying the factory. Although things seem to be going well as they have managed to get 500,000 euros per month in profit.

A kilogram of Nasal cheese used to cost 60 lei (around 15 euros) in 2013. The cheese was packaged in a wooden box that cost 20 lei. They are now hoping to make it more accessible to customers and offer a cheaper price.

The recipe for this cheese was discovered a long time ago when some peasants from the Nasal village stole the cheese of a Hungarian count and hid it in a grotto. After a month they returned to find that the cheese had a spicy taste.




source: adevarul







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