This classic Romanian chocolate conquered the world


The well known classic Romanian chocolate is going international. Every year Romanians buy tons of this chocolate that reminds them of childhood.

Now the producers are going international and they are selling the product in many countries with Romanian communities. The chocolate was made originally by two electric engineers with only 12 employees. Although the business did not go well at first, it slowly grew and today it has 70 employees. The chocolate was named Batonul copilariei ( Childhood’s chocolate baton) because it reminds people of the chocolate their mothers and grandmothers used to make.


Today the product is sold everywhere, from small shops to supermarkets. Now the chocolate can be bought in the US< Italy, Spain, Germany,. Sweden, France, Cyprus and the UK.

But the chocolate is now not only popular with Romanians but also with English, Italians, French and Turkish people.




source: great news







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