Bran castle’s secret tunnel to be opened for tourists


Starting with this year, tourists will be able to walk through a secret tunnel at Bran castle. This tunnel was never open to the public and it was built between the two world wars.

The tunnel makes the connection between the castle’s inner yard and the royal garden. Specialists are working on improving the tunnel to make it safe for visitors. The first time the tunnel was proper explored was in 2014 by a team of experts. According to bizbrasov, opening this tunnel was Queen Maria’s dream.

The tunnel is 40 metres long and it reaches the well of the fountain where there is a working elevator which was created for the queen. Through the elevator, Queen Mary was able to go from the castle’s inner year to the royal garden. The fountain was created in the XV century and the tunnel in the 1930’s.


The entrance of the tunnel is right nex to a Tea House where Queen Mary used to have her tea.

The Tea House will also be open to visitors starting with April 11. Tea and cakes will be available here.







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