Romanian short movie wins the grand prize at the FilmFest International Shortfilm Festival in Dresda


“First Night” movie directed by Andrei Tanase has won the grand prize at the Dresda-Filmfest International Shortfilm festival.

The movie presents a special moment in the life of a young man. The movie shows the fragility of the masculine identity.

The movie stars Alfredo Minea, Cristiana Luca, Mimi Branescu and Elvira Deatcu. The movie was also previously nominated for the shortmovie trophy at the Orizzonti movie festival in Venice.

Andrei Tanase, the director of the movie has directed and produced many other short movies that have been nominated for prizes and have won several awards. ” Vacanta la tara ( Holiday in the countryside)” has won the Luna award at the Next Film Festival and has been also selected at the TIFF festival, the French international festival in Namur, Timishort and Filmfest Dresden. ” Claudiu si crapii ( Claudiu and the carps)” has been showcased at the Cottbus festiva, TIFF, Namur and Molodist festival in Kiev.


source: agerpres



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