Romanian law students win 3rd place at International Law competition in Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 21.02.48

Four law students from Bucharest have won the third place at an international law competition in Hong Kong. This is the largest competition of its kind in the world.

The four law students have managed to beat Harvard and Stanford students. Thanks to the award that they have won, the students were already offered scholarships in different countries.

Teams from 350 universities have participated in the competition, however Romania was the only country from Europe that managed to qualify in the semifinals.

The law students have sustained pleadings in front of international judges. Two of them also received mentions for the best pleading. The first and second place was secured by two universities from India.

In a few days another law competition will be organized in Viena. 4 Romanian students will also participate in this contest.









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