Romanian woman wins silver medal in the North Pole marathon


A Romanian woman has managed to win the silver medal at a North Pole Marathon competition. Simona Dumitrescu is actually also the first woman to race in such a marathon.

Simona managed to beat marathon champion Kit Ching Yiu from Hong Kong  with 6.35.41 hours and she was beaten by Frederique Laurent from France with 6.21.03 hours. Simona Dumitrescu is a  pharmacy nurse and she is part of the pharmacy racing team.


According to Romania Journal, this marathon is the northernmost marathon in the world.

Simona stated

I am very proud that the Romanian flag has flown on the northernmost place on the planet, at 90 grade north latitude, above the world! I thank to all colleagues and friends who have supported me all this time, for their beautiful thoughts, wishes and cheers sent by so many people, thank you for the trust you gave me to fulfill this dream.


1 Frederique Laurent (FRA) 6:21.03 hrs

2 Simona Dumitriscu (ROM) 6:35.41 hrs
3 Kit Ching Yiu (HKG) 6:37.18 hrs
4 Heidi Makilammi (FIN) 7:51.59 hrs
5 Jimena Taracena (MEX) 7:57.22 hrs
6 Sandra Bianchini (ITA) 8:34.10 hrs
7 Amanda Younge (IRL) 8:58.14 hrs
8 Emma Davis (GBR) 9:16.59 hrs
8 Rachel Fielden (GBR) 9:16.59 hrs
10 Regina O’Reilly (IRL) 10:32.03 hrs
11 Roxy Paine (USA) 11:00.22 hrs
12 Cristina Loth (USA) 12:15.53 hrs
13 Lisa Richardson (USA) 12:15.53 hrs








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