Priest donates his salary to buy food for homeless people


A priest has given up his wage in order to help poor people. Gabriel Radu-Ichim is a priest from Bacau and is well known for building a wooden church from his own money.

Now, at Easter time, he decided to give up his priest salary so he can buy food for poor people and homeless people.

According to Adevarul newspaper, the priest comes from a rich family and he wished to become a priest. The priest also has an impressive educational background. He managed to graduate four universities Theology, Law school, Social Assistance and History and he also graduated with two master degrees. Not only that, but he also earned a PhD in religious history and now he will soon finish his PhD in law. He is also skilled in sign language.


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Now, the priest lives in the small wooden church that he built. He stated for Adevarul, that he wants to use his salary to buy bread, oil, traditional sponge cake for people who suffer from poverty. He also encourages people to donate food if they wish.

Gabriel Radu-Ichim named this project” Create heaven from what you have” and he wishes for the project to become permanent in the area.

This is not the first time the priest has done a good deed. Two years ago he found that the local morgue had several dead bodies which nobody identified for a long time and he decided to bury them and he paid for them. Other times he gave free meals to homeless people and many times he undertook religious masses for people with hard hearing using sign language.


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2 responses to “Priest donates his salary to buy food for homeless people”

  1. Bryan Lee Davidson-Tirca Avatar

    What is the priest name?


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      His name is Gabriel Radu-Ichim


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