Timisoara doctors save woman’s life by performing successful brain aneurysm surgery


A team of doctors from Timisoara has managed to save a woman that suffered a stroke using a revolutionary method. The doctors have used this method for the first time in Romania.

The family of the woman noticed that the woman could not speak anymore and could not move her left hand. The family, who lives in a town near Lugoj, quickly called 112.

The ambulance took her to the emergency room and on the way, the doctors have started medical procedures.
After three hours after reaching the hospital, the woman went into surgery. Doctor Cristian Mihaela, who is currently specialist at a hospital in Paris has performed the surgery of embolization of cerebral aneurysm.
The patient, who was paralyzed temporarily has recovered and she was able to speak properly after a week.

This is a very delicate surgery and it is performed on time, the patients recover. However, if they are not treated on time, they paralyze or even die.

Doctor Mihalea says that the surgery is hard to learn and that the doctor has to be very delicate to perform it.

The doctor is hoping that this surgery will be performed more often in Timisoara and he is trying to form a team with this purpose.

source- sanatoszidezi






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