International luxurious spas are going crazy over this pure water from Romania


A special water that can be found only in Ocna de Fier in Caras Severin has made the world go crazy. The water bottle costs 25 euros and several business people say that they have been receiving orders from all over the world from people and luxurious spas from all over the world including China and Dubai.

So what is special about this water?

Apparently, the water has gold and silver particles in it and people in this area live past 90. Even the locals believe the water is miraculous.


The water has been coming from Dognecei mountains in Caras for thousands of years. The water is then filtered and out in bottles that are also washed with gold and silver.

The water that comes from the mountain is pure in its natural state and it is stabilized naturally with gold and silver. The filtration is done with paper, so no chemicals are involved.

The water was tested by the Quality and Taste Institute in Bruxelles and has received three gold stars.


According to DigiTV the fact that the water has silver and gold has advantages over the PH of the water.  The water is supposed to be quite precious and it is only transported with the airplane and never with cars or trucks.








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