Guardian angel Policeman takes 9 year old gold medalist under his wing


A policeman from the Special Action section has taken a poor 9 year old boy under his wing.

Dumitru Musat has discovered the boy in a martial arts training room. He noticed that he was always said and he started to talk to him and he found out that he was sad because he did not have anything to eat most of the times he came to the training room. The policeman has started to help him and gather money to get him fed.

The child became quite ambitious and has managed to win several medals at martial arts competitions. Ionut is dreaming of becoming an international champion in martial arts. However, the boy has not even dared to have such dreams until he met the policeman.

Now, every time he finishes work he goes to the training room where he trains the 9 year old boy. According to Digitv, Dumitru said that in the month of May the boy used to come with his winter boots because he didn’t have any shoes. He was quite impressed of the boy’s poverty so himself and his colleagues got together and bought clothes, shoes and special martial arts equipment for the boy.

The policeman says that the boy never complains that he does not have anything to eat. Ionut is quite poor and he walks 4 kilometres from his house to the training room every day. He lives in a poor house in a village in Dambovita county. Until he met the policeman he did not even have electricity in his house. As well, he has only seen his mother once in his lifetime. His father works temporary jobs and apparently knows that the boy does not eat some days.

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