Romanian researchers invent the edible lipstick



A couple of Romanian researchers have invented the edible lipstick. It might sound strange to invent such a thing, but according to research women ingest a few kilograms of lipstick in a lifetime. It is probably not healthy but how can you avoid it?

Romanians researchers thus have invented a lipstick that it is completely natural and it also hydrates lips.

The researchers thought they wanted to create something to hydrate their lips and cool them down. The lipstick also has nutrients that contribute to the health of the individual.

The invetors are apparently passionate about fashion and make up and they thought to create a molecular lipstick that not only hydrates lips but also makes them look natural. The lipstick contains fruits, such as goji berries, currants, raspberries, cocoa butter, natural polymers, probiotics and water. The natural polymer was extracted from algae which helps with jelyfying the texture.

Lavinia Calinoiu stated that it takes only a quarter hour to prepare the lipstick. She claims that the beauty product looks like any other product you can find on the market, the difference is that it has vitamins and minerals. Nutritionist Anca Ignat said that the lipstick also helps with certain illnesses, such as constipation or hyperacidity.

The lipstick has different flavours- berries, cocoa or coconut and their colour vary. The researchers plan to present the product at several Invention Exhibitions.


Source- digi








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