Romanians can find their ancestors online thanks to a data base created by Babes researchers

Romanians will finaly be able to research information about their ancestors thanks to a new data base that was created by Babes university researchers.

The project took over 3 years to finalise, however it only comprises data about Transylvania region. The data has information about the population between 1850 and 1914 and it has over 400,000 names. Any person can visit the website and search. It is available both in Romanian language and in English so if you believe you might have ancestors from this area, this data base will surely ease your search.

The coordinator of the project, Luminita Dumanescu said that the team has researched the civil union institutions from Transylvania and they have entered all data that was written in Latin, Hungarian, German, Romanian and cyrrilic writing.

According to mediafax, the data was sorted in three data bases. One has civil union data of 400,000 people, one data is a standard one, and there is also a genealogical one that allows anyone to search for their ancestors who lived in Transylvania between 1850-1914. By introducing your name, surname, the place and the year you can find your own ancestors.

The data base covers around 6,9 % of the population that was born between 1850-1914. This would be around 5,4 million people.

Researchers took over 300,000 photographs of the documents and they have a large deposit of resources that were written by hand.

The project was created together with the Tromso University from Norway.

You can check the data base here.

source: mediafax


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