Finnish couple praise Romanian police for their help

Two Finnish tourists have praised Romanian policemen in a YouTube video. Apparently the couple has visited Romania last month and they posted a video in which they thank the policemen for their hospitality.

The couple is travelling through Europe with a van and they stopped on Olt Valley. The police officers saw them and stopped to tell them that they did not park in a safe spot. At first the couple thought that they will be fined when they heard the policemen knocking at their window.

However, the couple were even invited to camp in one of the policemen’s garden and they were served with tuica from Tara Lovistei.

Joni and Sara were lucky as the area were they camped also had a lightining system and fresh water from a spring. The policemen also gave them a car battery so they can use it for electricity in their van. They also offered them to show around the area and they recommended them places to visit.

The couple have been on a road trip through Romania, visiting the Transfagarasan, Sighisoara, Sibiu and Brasov.









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